Dream Boards

Dream Boards

Setting goals oftentimes brings up a bit of trepidation and fear.  What if I set these goals and they don’t come to fruition?  What if I don’t make it?  What if I dream and write down those dreams, but they just don’t come true?  Goals need to follow the “SMART” rule, meaning, they should be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.  Just thinking about all those areas seems a bit scary.  A dream board on the other hand, can be a great way to start.

Just what is a dream board and how do you go about making one?  This is the fun part about goal setting – you can dream big, get creative, cut out photos of your favorite houses, vacation spots, animals, cars – whatever comes to mind when you think of your perfect life.  Grab a pair of scissors, some paste (or push pins or tape) and get started this minute!

I wasn’t all that keen on dream boards until I listened to a story of a colleague and her dream board.  This is how she explained it:  She was sitting at her desk, gazing out the window at the ocean, when she just happened to fix her eyes on her dream board.  It was sitting right next to the window.  On the board was a photograph of the exact view she was seeing from her very own window!  The photo and the view were so remarkably alike that it took her by surprise!   She also said that she’d always ridden black horses and thought it was rather odd that no matter where she’d go to ride, or rent a horse, it was always a black one.  Then, she went back and looked at her board.  You got it – there was a black horse there!  Since she’d always dreamed of having a white horse, she switched the picture to a white mare.  Very shortly afterward, she found the horse she now owns and rides down that beach.  Yes, she’s white.

After hearing that story, I knew the power behind dream boards was real.  Get your dreams out of the closet, out of their box, out of your heart – wherever you’ve buried them – and put them up there in front of you in full color for you (and everyone else) to see each and every day.  Make them vivid and as specific as possible.  And, remember to Dream BIG!

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