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The Right-hand side of the menu (i.e., compensation)

Looking at the menu, especially in a fine restaurant, most tend to glance—first—at the right hand side of the menu—prices. If you don’t have to worry about the cost, of course, you just cruise down the left-hand side and let your taste buds go wild with anticipation. And if you’re really doing well, and in one of those kinds of restaurants, there are no prices. It’s understood that you’ll pay whatever the cost; no worries.

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Stuck on How?

Whenever I tell my husband that I intend to do something big, perhaps something that will cost a bit of money, he always comes back with the same question:   HOW will you do that?  It does tend to get frustrating after a while because, honestly, the HOW doesn’t matter. It’s the WHY that makes things happen.  John DeMartini said, “When your why is big enough, the how will take care of itself.”

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Blueprinting Your Life

I live on the ocean in a two-story home.  That is the first affirmation I read each morning and night, along with others.  It is in my stack of blue (index) cards.  Years ago, when I was working with one of the best and most influential mentors of my life, I went through a course called “Blueprinting Your Life.”  There are many courses and seminars that focus on goal setting, but this was the first I’d ever experienced.  Not only did we talk about goals, we talked about writing our life plan – starting twenty years in the future.  Where did I want to be in 20 years?  10 years?  5 years?  1 year? And so on.  It was easy for me to say because I’d always known where I wanted to be when I was older – on the ocean in a two story home.  Writing my books.   Getting there is the hard part for most – and it’s not because we don’t have what it takes to do it, but we lack that mental fortitude it takes to keep believing against all odds.  It takes constant work to get our minds to believe it, to get that subconscious programmed.  It takes a lot of work and most aren’t willing to go through it.

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Rise and Shine

The morning drill was the always the same.  My father would come to my room and as he whipped back the covers with a flourish he would say in a much too loud voice for a sleeping child, Rise & Shine!  I hated it.  I was sleepy and warm and I didn’t want to get out of bed.  Why?  What awaited me?  School.  Riding a big yellow bus where I usually stood, holding onto a stack of books (no backpacks in those days) fearful of sitting next to one of the popular kids who didn’t like me, going to sit in a classroom with a bunch of other kids, struggling over numbers and formulas on a blackboard, feeling inferior to my classmates.  I wanted to stay under the covers and not have to deal with it.  It was easier.

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