Eating Right isn’t enough anymore

“I think we should get all of what we need from our foods.” I have heard that many times. And, the thing is, if someone can do that, I’m all for it! But the fact of the matter is, that hardly ever happens.

UNLESS you focus on eating ALL the right things, ALL the time! For me, I don’t have the time to focus that much time on what I eat. And, the foods just don’t have the nutrition they had 50 years ago. The soil is worn out! People don’t eat organic all the time (sometimes never) and there are a lot of free radicals floating around making it their goal to get in and make us ill.

I’m not a doctor and I’m not a scientist, but I do know that this is the ONLY device on the market that actually measures your body’s antioxidant level — in 30 seconds. So, what I am saying is just check. Find out what your score is. You just might be surprised. I was!




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