A Cozy Christmas Shelter for Rosie Kitty

RosieLast December Rosie came into our lives. Rosie is a medium sized grey and white kitty who used to live across the street at our neighbors house. Until Gino came. Gino is a rather large, mean tomcat who tormented poor Rosie. Gino belongs to our neighbor’s daughter (who has, by the way moved out but didn’t take the cat!). We’ve talked at length about moving Gino along—somewhere, anywhere. Yet, he’s still there. And, Rosie is still hanging out (and eating 2x daily) at our house.

Rocky, our rescue kitty, has the run of our house. He sleeps on a cuddly, sheepskin blanket in my office window most of the time. I look at him there and am so glad he has a warm spot, love, food whenever he wants it—and my heart aches for little Rosie out in the elements. One night, I looked out our back slider and there she was—staring in, as if to say, I’d like to come in and sit by the fire, too.  Lovely boy

We’re lucky enough to have two neighbors to the east of us who have hiding places, nooks and crannies, in their backyards where Rosie spends a good deal of her time. Unless it’s feeding time—or when the sun is shining. Rosie loves the sunshine! She curls up near our house and soaks it up. But winter is here and the rain is coming.

Last year, she had the shelter of a very large motor home that sat in our neighbor’s driveway. It’s gone now, sold for personal reasons after a death in the family. Sad because we believe the owner was a secret Santa Claus and that motor home was his vehicle to the North Pole! He was always tinkering, sawing, hammering. Santa’s Workshop is closed now. And, Rosie’s shelter is no more. I’ve been talking—for a year now—about making/buying/finding Rosie a nice little cozy shelter. I’ve gotten nothing but resistance and comments like, “Rosie is fine, she’s got places to go; she’s never wet . . .” and it’s true, she does appear to stay dry wherever she hides. But this is the year that Rosie gets a shelter. Just in case. Maybe she won’t even go in, but I have decided.  I’ve looked on line at shelters that promise to be cozy, waterproof, warm, etc. and most are around $50. Not bad. I also found a do-it-yourself shelter which would be great for Rosie—or any other kitty needing a warm winter shelter. The rain is on the way. I’m getting out my supplies. Rosie will have a cozy spot to sleep this Christmas!

P.S. Rosie needs a forever home if anyone would like to have a soft, grey lovely girl for Christmas:)

Here’s how to make your own shelter (and keep a kitty warm this winter)



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