ageLOC: Look younger, feel younger, BE younger!

Last May, I was grocery shopping and met the sweetest lady. We were both healthy shoppers, and were at the same natural foods market. We just clicked and started talking. She asked me what I did for a living and I told her, “I help people look and feel younger.” She looked at me with a bit of surprise while touching her face, and said, “I’ve been thinking about having some work done.” I gave her my phone number and suggested we get together.

A week or so later, we met. She made it clear that she didn’t believe anything could really make a difference–barring surgery, of course–and we set a time for me to go to her home and give her a demonstration. She did in fact see a difference–in about 10 minutes. That was May. I suggested she start using the ageLOC system we have and give it until Christmas before she considered going under the knife. It is now May again–a full year later. She just turned 70 yesterday. She definitely looked 70 in the first photo, but in the second (only 6 months later) she had grown younger! And, she started acting younger as well.

We all have to age, but do we have to get craggy and creaky? I say, NO!

Susan day 1 Susan, 9-16-16


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