Guilt Free Sleep: Sleeping under Sheep!

Goose down comforters–ah, how luxurious, how warm, how extravagant. I always thought I wanted one. Until I saw a video on how over half of the down is gathered–mostly in China. LIVE plucking. Needless to say, it is a very cruel act and the birds suffer tremendously before they eventually die. Horrible really. I thought about it; we found a number of down comforters on eBay at great prices and were all set to (dare I say it?) pluck one off the website, but then, I saw a video and started to do some research. What I found was very interesting. Not just for the sake of the poor geese, but other factors came into play.

I learned that a wool comforter not only has less allergens, but is better for your health (no dust mites, no chemicals). Dr. Mercola explains below. If you are sleeping under a down comforter now, or thinking of buying one, please watch this.

And think about it–when a glorious flock of geese soar overhead, do you want them to die just so you can cuddle up under their feathers and down? How heartless is that. Their down needs to remain where it is, under their feathers, keeping THEM warm, not me. Here’s that video:


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