A bowl of minestrone with a view!

Yesterday, I meandered down South River Road and Highway 160 through Clarksburg, Courtland and Walnut Grove. I went in search of soup.

Along the way, I enjoyed beautiful waterways, huge hawks and big white herons perched atop snags and a very cool schooner that was powering along the river at a pretty good clip.  It certainly looked like the Hawaiian Chieftain (see photo here from their historical website, under full sail and compare to my shot). I could see the crew working and as I sat up on the river road in a chilly breeze, I imagined how it must be onboard the lovely sailing ship.

I found my soup at Giustis Place in Walnut Grove just off Walnut Grove-Thornton Road. I almost missed it as it sits, off-the-road, down in a little low area, sporting their HUNTER’S AND FISHERMAN’S PARADISE sign. Minestrone served family style – a bowl with a ladle you serve up yourself. Delicious! Not your usual minestrone, but a special recipe I’m sure as Giustis is now in their 4th generation of ownership. They serve lunch from 12-2pm and dinner at 5:00. Don’t be late or you won’t be served! And, no credit cards. The staff is friendly, warm and easy-going. It’s well worth the drive!Hawaiian ChieftainSlough near ClarksburgView from GiustisHawaiian Chieftain full sail



Here’s their website; take a drive and enjoy the view–and the soup!




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