Almost to Mexico!


Friday, I will drive to the Khe Sanh Veteran’s Reunion at the Town & Country Resort in San Diego—a mere 28.5 miles from Tijuana, Mexico! Over the past several years, I have corresponded with Marines who served with my brother, Tony Pepper, in Vietnam. Two of them (possibly  more) will be at this reunion and I will—finally—get to meet them face to face!

I’ve planned my journey: had the transmission fluid changed in the car; have my list of items not to forget—energy bars and Jim Rohn CDs, my special journal for recording all that I hear and see, my real, Rx glasses, for driving at night.

I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I do know that I need to be there. To meet—and hug—these men who were there with Tony some 46 years ago; these men who opened their hearts to me. One of them traveled back to Vietnam just this past June to help locate the area where Tony and Cpl. James Trimble went missing. God willing, next year, 2015, there will be an excavation mission and they will be found. And returned to American Soil.

I’m excited . . . 501 miles to go—time to think, ponder, listen, and imagine what this weekend will hold.

Vietnam colorsMemorial Section K



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