Hello World


Hello World. Those words popped into my head yesterday as I was looking out my office window. I heard the lyrics of an old Country-Western song, which I thought was “Hello World,” and could hear the crooning and the music, and the backup singers, hello, hello, but I couldn’t remember who sang it or when. This morning, I got a comment on one of my blogs (from three years ago!) and when I saw the title, I thought, wow, coincidence? It was “Hello World.” Odd, very odd. Even more so because the blog, which is called Little House Health, is one I set up three years ago, and the initial posting on this particular template (for me as well as everyone else) is Hello World. You know, kind of a debut so to speak.  Three years. I wrote a blog on NPH (which stands for Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus). I have had several comments on it since I wrote it (mostly on my regular “Little House” blog, but this one popped up this morning. Hello World. Again, I say, odd.  I just had to find the song! So, I searched for Hello World, and all I found was a song by Lady Antebellum which clearly was not my song! Eventually, I found it . . . it was Hello WALLS! Sung by Faron Young back in 1961! Here’s the link . . . give yourself a treat and listen to this. We all know Willie Nelson, and well, Willie actually wrote the song which Young bought. Willie is still making music and boy, oh, boy does he look different!

My message: HELLO WORLD coincided with my dream the night before. I was lying on a table in what seemed to be a prison setting. Doctors were standing around me. I was to be euthanized. I remember asking them if they were ever able to bring anyone back—after they’d been “put to sleep” so to speak. They told me, yes, they had. I pleaded with them to please try and bring me back. Then I said:

I wrote a book, it’s called Hill 700: How Losing a Brother Created a Family. Read it! Google my name! You’ll see all kinds of things I’ve written . . . PLEASE GOOGLE ME!!

I was desperate to be heard. Then, a needle went into my leg—just a prick—I felt sleepy and wanted so much to be given another chance, to be brought back to life so that I could get my words out there—HELLO WORLD! It’s Carrie Pepper. I’m a writer. I have been writing since I was 12 and I want you to read my stories. I love to write. It’s the one thing that I do where time slips by and leaves me filled with peace and contentment. I have been putting my writing second forEVER. I don’t want to do that anymore. So, here I am, my debut—again—

Jodi Picoult, author of some 22 novels, came to Sacramento yesterday. The event was FREE. Did I go? NO. I had it written on my calendar, but when the day came, I didn’t go. Why? I look at her long string of books starting in 1992 and now, 2014, and I imagine my life as I look at the book jackets: 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004—2012 and now, 2014. Oh my! I see my life flying past and imagine where I was all those years.

And now, 2014: I have finally, finally, FINALLY completed book, a memoir. It is good and I will publish it. I have it with an agent now and have all fingers and toes crossed she’ll take me on.

First, the dream, then the “Hello World “coincidence”—what next? It is time. It is MY TIME.

HELLO WORLD! Come to my website and read my stories. There will be more to come; lots more to come!




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