Are you Genuinely comfortable or Deceptively comfortable?

Are you living a life that is genuinely comfortable or one that is deceptively comfortable?

In his book, The Slight Edge, Jeff Olson asks this question. I’ve heard things about getting out of your comfort zone, but this really hit home. This is why people get paid such large sums of money to be a recruiter and to go out and FIND those people who are willing to be uncomfortable long enough . . . so that they can be genuinely comfortable. I am one of them. I am—apparently—according to Olson, one in 20. So be it. 

I refuse to end up on social security, scrimping for coupons and downsizing to a tiny apartment like my mother did after selling her dream house, complete with a maple-floored dancing room, because she just couldn’t make the payments. If that takes a few years of struggle, being uncomfortable and hearing a whole heck of a lot of NO’s, then—so be it.

I always loved a good challenge.  Thanks’ Jeff!

He also talks about the percentage of people who cry at our funerals (about 10%) and those who actually come to the burial after the service (about 50%) saying if it’s raining, about half won’t attend the burial. I instantly thought of a woman I met while I was shopping. She worked at a popular retail store as one of the managers. I saw promise in her, so struck up a conversation. She said she wished she could be outside in the beautiful sunny afternoon. I said, wouldn’t it be great if you could have the kind of job where you could go out in it anytime you wanted? Her smile diminished a little and she said, “well, if it was raining, I wouldn’t want to be out in it, so that wouldn’t work for me.”  That’s all I needed!

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