Creating a Shadowbox of your dreams

In Jeff Olson’s book, The Slight Edge, he says, Stretch for what you could be, or Settle for what you are. Those words, to me, say it all. I have never been one to settle. I have started a morning routine called The Miracle Morning, created by bestselling author, Hal Elrod. One of the parts of this routine is VISUALIZATION. Sure, we’ve all heard of visualization but today, I had a bit of a breakthrough in this area.

I have always wanted to live in an old-fashioned house on the water, preferably a lake with a dock. I want a big front porch with blue Adirondack chairs. I found a photo online of a front porch that called to me; it doesn’t have the chairs, but the colors and feel of the porch are wonderfully warm and inviting. It was a tiny picture, but I took it to my wizard, Bud, at Floppy’s copy shop in Sacramento, and he made it a Big Porch picture. So, here it is now, on my wall with a little blue index card over it that simply says: ACT AS IF.

This morning, during my visualization period, I sat here in the shadowy early morning and gazed into my screened-in porch. I looked through to the far end, past the soft green, peach and cream colored rug and wicker furniture into the green trees beyond and I actually thought—and it was real—there’s the lake; I can just see it through the trees. Then the image of my dock down there on the lake came into full vision in my head. My dock, My porch. My old fashioned house on the lake. I thought, “you need to make a shadowbox that shows the lake in the distance and my subconscious awoke and said—aloud—you have a shadowbox in your mind!  That’s right. I do!

My porch is taking on a whole new dimension now; I can see my things on the little tables, hear the voices of my friends who come to visit, see the pages of my manuscript on the table and smell the dampness from the lake down the hill. The blue Adirondack chairs are out on the front part of the house waiting for me.


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