It’s All About the Why

It’s all about the Why. Why do I go to the studio? Why do I endure the pain, the struggle through not one, not two, but three sets of three?  Sets that cause my muscles to ache and my mind to doubt—Can I do it? At 30, or 40, this would have been a cinch, but at 50-something, not only does the body resist, but moreso, the mind. Why do I do it? Because when I’m 60-something, or 70-something, or 80+something, with the grace of God, I want to be able to stand tall and straight, to kneel and garden, to swim, to be strong and able.

And why do I get up everyday and go out and keep my ears and eyes and feelers on alert for someone like me? Someone who wants more. Someone who truly wants to paint their dream in bright, living color and have that come to fruition?  Because I want to be free, to live life with ease, to choose where I will live. To sit in my garden when I’m in my 90’s listening to the cooing of zebra doves, hearing the soft warm wind through palm fronds.  To be free.Garden hawaii


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