Desire & Commitment

I’d just come off a tour of the Sacramento Governor’s Mansion and across the street spied a sign: Studio 25: Personal Training & Wellness Center, so I wandered over. I met Gino, the owner, and after a brief conversation, knew he was very genuine—no pretense. He invited me to come in and try out the gym, see how I liked it. My first session was frustrating. I was running late, had a hard time finding a parking place, my 18 year old cat was ill and I was thinking of her and not working out. After completing the series of exercises he directed me to do, I was even more frustrated. It was more difficult than I expected and I left not sure if I would return. But I did return. This time, the drill seemed a little easier, a little more fun.111_BOSU_BALL4200-300x300

Then, the third visit. After two runs through the ladder exercise, roll outs on the ball, the duck walk (feeling totally ridiculous) and the stair step machine, my legs were shaky and I was done. Do a third set, Gino instructs. A third set?! But, it’s been an hour; I don’t have time to do a third set—I have a sharp pain in my side from the abs exercises . . . Gino gave it to me straight. I’d have to get faster with each set if I intended to get through the whole round of 3 in 45 minutes. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “Desire and Commitment.” That was enough. This wasn’t about the clock or about a pain in my side or about how hard it was for me to figure out the steps on the ladder; this was about Desire and Commitment—my desire and commitment. Mine alone. I felt tears sting my eyes and I knew he was right. I wanted this. I wanted a stronger body, a harder body, more stamina. I finished the third set; surprisingly, it was easier than the first two. Desire and Commitment. I know those two words well having started a direct sales business 4 years ago. Without those two things, failure looms large; many have already failed—or quit. I do not quit. I will not fail. Thank you, Gino.


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