“America’s Favorite” Progresso Bread Crumbs: 59 ingredients?!!?

I’ve been a label reader for quite a few years now, but I hate to admit, I hadn’t read the label on Progresso Italian Bread Crumbs—America’s Favorite. Having started a new “eating plan” called TR 90 3 weeks ago, I am taking more care to read labels and make sure what I put in my body is pure and healthy. We have used these crumbs for years—for breading chicken and pork chops, and adding to my “mommy’s meatloaf.” Last night, we were going to have some nice lean pork chops and, out of habit, got out the Progresso Crumbs. OK, let’s read the label, shall we? WHOA!  Here you go:

Ingredients (59):

Bread Crumbs (Flour Enriched (FlourBarley Malted FlourNiacinFerrous SulfateThiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1)Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)Folic Acid (Vitamin aB)) , Corn Syrup High FructoseCorn SyrupVegetable(s) Oil Hydrogenated (Soybean(s)CottonseedCorn,Canola) , WaterContains 22% or less YeastSaltSugar BrownHoneyMolassesSugar,Wheat GlutenWheySoy FlourWheat Flour WholeRye FlourCorn FlourOat(s) BranCorn MealRice FlourPotato(es) FlourButterDough Conditioner(s) (Mono and DiglyceridesSodium Stearoyl LactylateCalcium Stearoyl LactylateSoy LecithinCalcium Carbonate) , Yeast Nutrients(Ammonium SulfateCalcium Sulphate (Sulfate)Monocalcium Phosphate) , VinegarMilk Non-Fat,ButtermilkCalcium Propionate PreservativeColor(s)GarlicLactic AcidOnion(s) Powder,Parsley FlakesPotassium Sorbate PreservativeSaltSesame Seed(s) )Spice(s)Sugar,Flavor(s) Natural

This is America’s Favorite?!  59 ingredients ?! What in the world could require Fifty-nine different ingredients?! No wonder Americans are eating, and loving this concoction—there are SIX freaking kinds of sugar, plenty of preservatives, oh, and let’s add some wheat gluten, just for grins. OH MY!  What are they trying to do to us?  How can you take something as simple as bread crumbs and make them so blasted unhealthy, full of fat, sugar, preservatives and sell them to consumers, labeled in their pretty blue canister?  In the trash they went. If you’re not a label reader, this ought to turn you into one!


Health Score @ www.foodfacts.com is a big FAT “F”


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