DAY 2 of TR 90 Weight Management

Day 2 on the program and my energy level is starting to climb. I feel fabulous after my Jumpstart packet first thing, and the craving for that first cup of coffee is greatly diminished. Now, I have about half a cup but only after my Jumpstart!

Meals are more effort for me as I just am not used to cooking, preparing, shopping, but I know that this is just what I needed. I needed to have a program that forces me to TAKE CARE OF MY BODY with the wonderful, beautiful, nutritious foods God put here for us—spinach and broccoli and almonds and all sorts of mushrooms and different kinds of fish and salads with mint and cranberries and grains I’d never heard of before—or knew how to prounounce—like quinoa!  The word “quinoa” is pronounced “KEEN-wah.” It comes from the Spanish word, quinua, which itself comes from the word “kinwa” or “kinua” in the Quechua dialect.

I am including a link here on this amazing food. I’ve had it twice, once at a deli where it was prepared with cranberries, mint and cashews, and once at home where I dry roasted it in the pan before adding water for a nutty flavor. It was delicious!

Here’s to your health!

Lunch shown: Grilled rosemary chicken, quinoa with cranberries, cashews & mint and kale & carrot salad!

Lunch day 2



  1. Hi Carrie
    I’m starting on TR90 tomorrow all I’ve heard nothing but good so I’m excited

    Good luck with fixing the food I enjoy cooking so that shouldn’t be a problem for me. I will have to work on the exercise

    Take Care

  2. Hi Lois – good luck! I wish I had a cook to make my meals for me! I am going to the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op once a week for lunch – a real treat! I can choose between dozens of yummy, colorful things and know I’m eating right! You’ll love the energy level — make sure to drink the 8 glasses of water. I haven’t been doing as well with that (just have a hard time drinking that much water without feeling bloated) so I’ve been waking up with headaches. Not good. Let me know how it goes! Oh, a tip on mixing up the Jumpstart. It has a tendency to clump if you just pour it in a liquid, so I’ve been using the little shaker bottle. Put a little hot water in, just a little, pour in the packet, drop in the little shaker ball and give it a good swirl, then add g3 or whatever else you like. It mixes up really well that way! Take care, Carrie

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