Halloween fun at the Governor’s Mansion tonight!

Gov MansionWhat could be better for Halloween than wandering through a 135 year old mansion, dimly lit with ghosts and spooky pumpkins, and guides dressed in costume to point out the spookier nooks and darkened hallways? Oh, I forgot to mention the fortune telling tent where you can choose between tarot cards or a crystal ball—and if that’s not enough, come around to the carriage house, pull up a hay bale and listen to stories of ghosts and other spine-chilling lore told by  professional story tellers!

The Governor’s Mansion at 16th & H Streets is the place to be tonight from 6pm – 9pm. Bring your children for face painting and wander freely room to room, hearing stories about former governors who lived here and guests such as John F. Kennedy, and Frank Sinatra. Many don’t know that the house was built for Albert and Clemenza Gallatin; Gallatin was a partner in the Sacramento hardware store, Huntington & Hopkins and the ornate hardware and beautiful craftsmanship can be seen throughout the house. Fun facts such as how Gallatin used to watch for ships to come up river from the cupola atop the mansion and how he’d jump on horseback and race down to be the first as vessels arrived loaded with special cargo.

You might even see a ghost bride wandering about the grounds and if you’re lucky, glimpse a face in one of the tower windows or feel the spirits of those who lived here. I definitely felt the presence of ones who came before. As I stood in the small kitchen off the main dining room, looking at a black and white photo of John Kennedy on the night in 1960 when he came here to dinner, I felt a  mix of sadness and warmth. Knowing that such a man as he was happy to take his meal in this modest room and remembering the day he was shot and how it changed the world forever.

I walked outside and as I rounded the corner to the carriage house and the storytelling circle, the chilly night turned warmer. It was as if those who lived here were sharing their warmth and letting us know they were glad we were here, enjoying their beautiful mansion home on this October Eve.

Don’t miss it – the mansion is open tonight, October 26, from 6:00-9:00 pm! Visit this link for information:



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