Parrot Eggs: Expect a Miracle

The only thing I can figure about the dream I had last night is that my subconscious is reminding me to expect the unexpected, telling me anything is possible and we can find the most amazing and unlikely things if we just keep our eyes open to the endless miracles in front of us.

There I was, walking along a stone wall when I spotted a rather large nest. It was down in a sort of storm drain, below one’s normal eye level. The moment I saw it, a large parrot flew out! I peered down into the nest and remember my amazement at what I saw: several very large, very colorful eggs. They were multi-coloured—just like a parrot—dazzling blues and yellows, greens and oranges. I quickly ran to find someone with a camera. That’s all I remember about it, but I remember the feeling I had when I saw those beautiful eggs for the first time. I still remember how my smile widened, how overjoyed I was that I’d stumbled upon them and how lucky I was to see such a sight.

What miracles might you find in your path today?




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