Pumpkin Marketing

There it sat, a bright happy orange pumpkin sitting on the little stool beside my front door. At first, I thought my husband had brought it as he often picks one up for Halloween, but then, I noticed the little raffia ribbon tie with the business card attached. It was from one of our local Realtors. I imagined her buying all of these mini pumpkins, trussing them up with her information, then driving through the neighborhoods placing them on doorsteps and porches—and stools! She’d put in some effort. She made it personal. And, it worked.

The stress and tiredness I felt as I came down the walk strewn with autumn leaves, sticks and branches not-yet-raked that had blown in from the first high winds of the season melted away and I reached for my phone. I had to thank her right that very minute to say thank you. One of the world’s greatest speakers and philosophers, Jim Rohn, used to say, “Because tomorrow’s too late!” I was really touched; that little pumpkin was such a cheery sight, such a simple thing. Someone reaching out can, and does, make all the difference.



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