Lose the FAT, not the muscle!

On October 15,  just 4 (four) days from now, the first ever genetic approach to weight loss—actually fat loss—will hit the market.

What does this mean? It means for those of us who have tried everything under the sun to lose the weight, have dieted, sweated, stepped on the scale in frustration time and time again, we will have a solution. One that works!

TR 90 is a ground-breaking approach to redesigning your body. If you know anyone who has battled their weight—whether that’s 20 pounds or 100 pounds—please let them know about this program.

The two links below will help you to understand more about this:



Please share with those you love and care about; for once, there is a solution.  Here is a quote from someone who went on the program for 90 days: 

“I actually ate more but my body fat decreased. I’m down from 24% body fat to 14%. I went from a 38 waist to a 33 waist—the same as when I was a senior in high school! These are things that have never happened in all the attempts I have tried to lose weight.”

Imagine how this will buoy people’s confidence in themselves, change their attitude—and altitude! Please contact me BEFORE October 15 if you are interested. I’ll show you how to get your very own TR 90 kit!

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