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I awoke with that title in my head yesterday. Nine days from today, the biggest thing in weight loss hits the market. It’s called TR 90 and it is the world’s first genetic approach to weight loss. People are reporting losing a pound a day for the first few days as their metabolism is “reset.” They are losing fat, not lean muscle. Their body engine is becoming more efficient; they are adding lean muscle mass; they are getting their youthful bodies back—they are transforming themselves in 90 days!  My brain has been working overtime thinking about who I need to tell next, and I awoke with that line:


Yes, that’s what I need, I thought—people with energy and clout and big circles of influence, and people who can talk and share and get the word out! I haven’t felt this excited since I started with this company! I awake with excitement and it continues throughout the day. Why? Because I know this program works. I know what it’s going to do for me—just those extra 15-20 pounds I’ve put on over the years; the ones that make my jeans fit a bit too snug, the ones I feel when I bend over and that little roll of fat creeps up and makes me feel, well, less-than. I know how I am going to feel after I go through this program and I am darned excited about it, so I am looking for:


 Are you aware that the American Medical Association actually classified obesity as a disease?  Where will it end? Read the latest from Fox News on what Chicken McNuggets are made of . . . our children are the ones who are suffering.

Who is out there who’d like to help me spread the word about the world’s first real solution to one of the biggest problems in the world today?  On October 15th, this will launch globally. I have a limited number of codes for purchase.  I’m looking for my:


Who do you know?


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