7 Reasons You’re Fat says AARP

I just read an article listing 7 reasons for being fat. I thought maybe there would be something there that might help those overweight chubbies get a handle on their problem, shed some pounds, change their life, but no. Here was the list. Is there anything enlightening or ground-breaking here?

  1. You don’t plan at the buffet
  2. You’re not sleeping enough
  3. You need to relax more
  4. You’re surrounded by excess
  5. You eat addictive foods (along with a photo of a glazed donut as a bun for a double-cheeseburger. Yikes!
  6. You drink soda through a straw
  7. You eat a tiny breakfast and a huge dinner

I was looking for solutions. Something that would actually work. At 50-something, the pounds that have creped in around my waist may be from some of these things listed here, but I don’t think sleeping more or using a smaller straw is going to get rid of them.


Most of us drink soda through a straw—and, yes, I have noticed that soda manufacturers have slipped in those “big gulp” straws that make the soda go down so much quicker. Did they get that past you unnoticed? I think not. And who doesn’t need to relax more? Unless we are completely blind, it’s pretty impossible not to see the double-doubles and the fried cheese sticks and mounds of whipped cream they heap on a cup of “coffee” at your local Starbucks?  We already know all this. How can we lose weight and learn to change our lifestyle? How can we—finally—lose the fat and keep the muscle? How can we redefine our bodies and learn to get the body we truly want?

Here’s how:


Proven technology that works. Launching on October 15 of this year.

Contact me if you know anyone who truly wants to make a change—for good.



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