Resetting our Fat Genes; How’d you like to look better naked?

Yesterday, I attended a very special event about a company and a technology that is changing lives around the world. Their science has been featured on The Discovery Channel, 60 Minutes & CNN.  They are a public company that is accessible to anyone who has a desire to improve their lives, to LIVE  better longer, to LOOK  better longer.

Their science focuses on the way our genes express themselves. This is called Epigenetics. Look it up. Time magazine did a big write up a couple years ago and there are others. It is the future of aging.
The next big launch is in the field of weight loss. I know, everyone talks about weight loss, right? But this is genetic weight loss. You lose the fat,  not the muscle. Did you know that statistics show that 95% of those who lose weight, gain it back (and then some) over the next three years? Why? Because their body engine has been compromised. They have lost a significant amount of muscle and muscle is what helps us to burn calories!  Here is a simple video that shows how this works:

Here are a few interesting facts: 

Every pound of lean muscle burns 6 calories per hour, but every pound of fat only burns 2 calories per hour.

30-40% of weight people lose is muscle.
This new genetic weight loss helps you to build a bigger body engine so you can burn more fat.

As your body fat % goes down, your antioxidant score goes up, meaning less free radical damage.
I for one am excited about having a way to redesign my body; to have it sculpted and lean like it was in my 30’s . . . and do it with a program that combines nutrition, health and science.


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