Stuck on How?

Whenever I tell my husband that I intend to do something big, perhaps something that will cost a bit of money, he always comes back with the same question:   HOW will you do that?  It does tend to get frustrating after a while because, honestly, the HOW doesn’t matter. It’s the WHY that makes things happen.  John DeMartini said, “When your why is big enough, the how will take care of itself.”

I know that in my life, whenever I have wanted something really badly, I always managed to manifest a way to get it. And I never knew how I would get it when the idea to attain it first came to me. So, if you’re stuck on how, remember, it is the why, not the how, that will get you to where you want to go.  No matter what it is.

What is your Why?

While writing this, I came across the most amazing website: You can listen to some of the top success coaches, authors, etc – free!  You can also call in with questions!




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  1. No – it’s easier though than saying “boyfriend.” We’ve been together 12 years – people think he’s my husband so I just got tired of correcting them!

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