Grateful for Dimes


A friend of mine called me this morning to ask if I’d like her to share what she learned in a recent class on money.  I was intriqued. The information she shared was very thought provoking and—after six pages of notes—I have a lot to ponder.  One of the most powerful observations was how people react when they see money on the ground.  You’ve no doubt picked up a penny.  Well, maybe not.  The shift in my thinking was this:  I’ve always picked up change and, on occasion, bills, when fortunate enough to find them.  But when I did so, I always felt as if I was needy and that I snatched these up out of lack. Maybe, I even felt a little embarassed.  However today, I realized this isn’t the case at all!  Money is coming to me for a reason; I am attracting it.  Bev told me about an experiment she conducted in an airport.  She dropped pennies on the floor then sat back to see who’d pick them up.  99% of the people just walked on by, not noticing them or not caring at all.  Until one very graceful and well-dressed woman glided by and effortlessly picked up the shining coins, then kept moving toward her destination.  This happened twice with two different people.

I thought of all my bowls and jars full of dimes.  I find dimes.  Sometimes, I find pennies or dollar bills or even $10 or $20 bills, but most of the time, dimes.  I still don’t know the exact meaning of the dimes but I know there is something magical about them.  I put them in special places—two of which were given to me by my sister who I lost to cancer earlier this year. I drop them into the pretty vase or the tiny French sugar bowl, and I say thank you. I tell my sister I am grateful to have had her for a sister. I tell her I love her and that I miss her.



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