Wise words from a wise mother

When I was 15, my mom left home.  She wrote me a “good bye” letter and in it, she tucked this little note.  I do not remember reading it then, but her handwritten note in the corner said, “Carrie, Please keep this.”  I did, Mom.


To My Children – At Christmastime

Be yourself, be what you are.  There was never anyone just like YOU in the history of the world; there isn’t now; therewon’t be again.  Allow others the right to be themselves, to be what they are.  Don’t try to change or reform them.  Don’t try to change or reform the world either; it can’t be done.  The world does not want to be reformed; it is perfctly happy to be mortal, tormented, confused, deluded forever.  Being populated and run by human beings how could it be anything else?  Live with style. Don’t run away from life; do the things, be the things, you really want to do and be.  Do not be frightened of anybody or anything.  Fear is death.  Don’t look for security; it does not exist.  Look for wisdom instead, which you will learn from danger and difficulties, from blunders and disasters.  Do what good you can in your own small corner; you will have plenty of opportunities.  Get what joy you can from living; wild and wicked as the world may be, it is still full of beauty, love, courage and laughter.  Don’t worry about the future; it will look after itself, it always has.  Take short views, hope for the best and trust in God.   
                                                                                                                                                              Love, Mom   (December 1970)


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