The Blind Men and the Elephant

This journey I’m on takes all sorts of turns, ups and downs and along the way there are big black holes one can fall into if they aren’t careful.  It keeps me on my toes!  Oftentimes, when people ask me, What do you do?  What kind of business is this?  What kind of job is this?  I will think of the little storybook I remember reading as a child. 

The Blind Men and the Elephant is a tale of six men who approach an elephant in different ways – one touches his side and thinks the elephant is a wall, another his trunk and thinks he is a snake, yet another his knee and thinks it is a tree, and so on. 

When someone asks me, “What kind of a business is this?” I think of the elephant.  If someone sees our BioPhotonic Scanner, they think this is all health care and high tech equipment; if they see our Galvanic Spa, they may think it’s all about skin care, and if they see our Nourish the Children program, they may think we’re a bunch of do-gooders.  They are all partly right, but as this little poem says, “Though each was partly in the right; And all were in the wrong!

This elephant called “Nu Skin Enterprises” is far more than any of these things, but it is all of these things.  One must stand back in order to see the size of the elephant, and one must climb upon his back and ride him to embrace the significance of his power.


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