Call hunting in my dreams

There’s a feature with some “VoIP” (voice over Internet providers) phone services referred to as “call hunting.”  With this service, if someone dials your phone number and you do not answer, the next number in your ring list will be dialed. This process will continue until either a phone is answered or the end of your sequence list is reached.

In my dream this week on my Road to Ruby journey, I was reminded of this kind of process as I go about looking for my team of 12.  In the dream, it was called something like “roll over calling” or something like that, but what it meant was that it doesn’t matter whether someone answers, or whether they say no, or whether they are rude or closed or too busy or anything else – the idea is that it’s on to the next . . . the hunt is on for the one who has open ears and an open mind and is ready for what I have to share with them.  Again, as this thought drifted through my sleepy subconscious, I remember smiling and I remember the feeling of knowing that my thoughts ARE changing, that I am on the right track, and that that even though – during my waking hours – when the frustration level is high and I continue to wonder where in the world I will find these 12, I know that I will.  They are all on my path and they will appear as the sequence continues, as I dial the next number, or bump into the next person – wherever they may be (at a coffee shop or on a walk along the river, or in the Goodwill store, or in the grocery store . . . or my neighbor right across the street – I know that there is no end to this sequence list.  One will lead to another and then another.

This kind of hunting takes me down a road of mystery where I never know what or who is around the next bend in the road.   And so, my hunt will continue.  And, as Og reminds me in The Scroll Marked III:  “The prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning; and it is not given to me to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach my goal.”

Who is next in the sequence . . . perhaps Og knows, perhaps God knows, and perhaps my subconscious mind will tell me in my next dream.


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