Blue Card Messages

We are on week 8 of The Greatest Secret by Og Mandino.  I’d read The Greatest Salesman in the World, but fell short on reading the Ten Scrolls.  It would have been a simple task to read them once through – but no, the assignment is to read each scroll 3 x per day for an entire month.  I never stuck with it.  Until one man named Jeff invited me to join his group and, together as a team, we all committed to reading these scrolls together.

The power of the group keeps me following the plan – three times a day, no matter what.  You wouldn’t think that reading something that takes all of 5 minutes, three times a day would be all that difficult – but it is.  This time, though, I had The Greatest Secret, which is the journalized version.  It comes complete with a “Success Recorder” where you actually keep track of your progress, marking each day how many times you read – or didn’t read – your daily scroll.  The introduction talks about the majority and reminds us that most will not stick with this task – and that was the difference.  I did not want to be one of the majority.  I did not want to fall out or fail, and so I am on week 8.  The thoughts and lessons and truths of these scrolls are beginning to seep into my subconscious.  It is a subtle change and it is starting to show up in my life and in my dreams now.

I went to bed feeling unhappy earlier this week.  I lay there and thought about all the things I used to do that I enjoyed, things that “made me happy” I reminded myself – tennis, photography, x/c skiing.  I stopped many of these things because of the issues I had with hip dysplasia.  Both my hips just wore out – like an old German shepherd.  You’ve seen them limping.  And, slowly, I stopped doing those things that challenged me, the physical activities. Then, those restrictions gravitated from the physical to the mental – I just stopped all these things that I said “made me happy.”  I reminded myself that I needed to get back to those now that I have two new bionic hips and no pain at all anymore.  Yes, that’s what I would do – then, I would be happy.  As I slept, a blue (index) card appeared in front of me, with writing on it.  Someone handed me the card and said, “You are either a happy person or you’re not – nothing you do or don’t do is going to make you happy.”  Just decide to be a happy person.  When I awoke, I remembered those words.  Little by little, the messages of the scrolls seep in, they change thoughts.  My reminders come to me at night, written out on blue index cards.

Last night, the card had two things written on it.  I couldn’t read the first one, but it was something about a job description for this business I’m in.  The 2nd qualification was: “And the ability to give lots of hugs.”  Another reminder that this is all about giving, loving others and letting go.


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