BECOMING ME: A film in progress

When I first began my Road to Ruby journey, my excitement level was HIGH.  I had big thoughts and big dreams – I believed I was going somewhere and it was going to be amazing!  The journey can beat you down and it can bloody your knees and it can (well, it did me) make you cry.  It can make you wonder all sorts of things about yourself; make you reevaluate yourself even if you have confidence in other areas.  I do my best to remember a dream I had in the very beginning – when I was filled with optimism and joy and hope – when things hadn’t gotten difficult yet.  Still, deep down, I knew what was in store.  The dream started with a huge CRESCENDO of music – just like you hear at the opening of a motion picture such as Paramount, Columbia or Sony, that music that resonates, making the entire theatre vibrate and sending chills up the back of your neck, and the words appeared in front of my eyes:  BECOMING ME.  That was the name of the movie to come . . . that was the beginning of my journey down this Road to Ruby.

Last night, as I slept, I dreamed I was a little girl playing with my toy dump truck.  There was a huge mountain of dirt that I was moving, one little shovelful at a time, and there were words above, in a bubble like a cartoon, that said: Cumulative Efforts Move Mountains.  I remember feeling good when those words appeared as I drifted back into slumber.  When I awoke, I remembered the words of a new friend I had just spoken to.  He said he’d raised money for various charities and causes and they used the acronym H.O.P.E. – Helping Other People Everyday.  When my eyes opened today, that’s what came into my head and I smiled and thought of the nice stack of (still empty) journals I have in my office.  Journals I have been collecting, some that were gifts, some that I just had to have – and I smiled again, thinking of all the lessons and stories and principles and tips that will fill those pages as I journey down my road.  The words in these journals will help me to help more  people everyday.

Who will be featured on those pages as I continue my film: BECOMING ME?  Who will journey with me down the road to Ruby and on to Blue Diamond?  They say Blue Diamonds come in pairs.  Who else out there who wants to put on their own ruby slippers and dance on the stage, celebrating the fact that they pushed aside their fears and kept going?   Who wants to create a life and be whoever you were born to be?  There is room on this journey for anyone with the courage to take the first step.  Helping Other People Everyday is just what this journey is all about.


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