Hibiscus Dreams

The Honolulu Coffee Co.

I have a special coffee mug that I drink from on special days, days like today when the air is heavy and damp, a bit balmy and still like it is on mornings in Hawaii.  This mug came from the Honolulu Coffee Company.  The logo (apparently not dishwasher safe) has faded and as I look into the soft, muted colors I see a woman with a pale pink hibiscus behind her ear, gently holding her coffee mug.  Her image is hazy yet I remember when she was bold and vibrant with rich colors. That was when I would sit in the courtyard outside the coffee shop in Honolulu, drinking my own coffee, with a hibiscus flower behind my ear.

The words HONOLULU COFFEE CO. are still bold and clear and remind me that if we let go of our dreams, they will fade just as this lovely woman has faded, but that if we keep the dream alive and keep working with consistent focus, always imagining our life’s painting in bold, bright colors, soon we will be inside that painting and life will be as we always dreamed.

As I travel down the Road to Ruby, I hold tight onto my dreams.  I smell the tropical flowers and I always hold an image of that clear turquoise water that rolls in down the hill from my home by the water’s edge.  This journey takes many turns and detours, but I know what is ahead and I will not let the image, or the dream, fade.



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