Spreading goodwill at The Goodwill

You just never know where you’re going to meet someone who needs what you have.  I wandered into the Goodwill Store last Sunday, looking for a little basket.  I didn’t find one, but I did meet Ed.  I overheard him talking with one of the sales guys in the store about how he had learned the importance of staying hydrated (in his big hand he carried a TALL bottle of water) and take care of himself.  He was advising this young man that, 20 years down the road, he just might wish he’d taken better care of himself, giving him some tips of what he could do right now.  My ears really perked up when he said, “I’ve even been able to reverse some of the wrinkles on my face!”  That got my attention because, of course, our ageLOC science does just that!  I had to go meet Ed.

We chatted a bit and I pulled my little Galvanic Spa out of my purse and asked him if he’d seen the little “wrinkle iron.”  He hadn’t.  We talked about Dr. Oz and he told me he’d actually met Oz on a train back east – in fact, he’d talked to him twice.  He told me he’d seen the show on the BioPhotonic Scanner and I let him know I had a scanner and if he was interested in learning his score, we could set up a time to do that.  I gave him my card and left.  I thought about asking for his phone number, but then thought, if he’s interested, he’ll call me.  And he did.

He came over two days later and scanned at 18,000.  That is an “F” on the antioxidant scale.  He was concerned and said that he just hadn’t been able to get the nutrition he needed through the foods he eats.  “I plow through a lot of food” he said, sharing that he takes a number of supplements.  He was aware enough to understand the importance of antioxidants and what they do, including protecting us from cancer.  Ed wanted to get that score up; he understood nano technology and he set up an order for three of the best products Pharmanex has, LifePak Nano, G3 and Vitality.  In 30 days, he’ll come back and re-scan and his score will go up.  I so look forward to seeing Ed feeling better and getting back to the workouts and long bike rides he used to take.  You never know who you’ll meet or where they’ll be.  On one Sunday afternoon, I met Ed and spread a little goodwill at the Goodwill.



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