Hip, Hip . . . Hooray!

My new hip and I  are home and doing great!  I’m on day 4 of my six-week recovery program and aside from the tenderness where the stitches are, I have literally NO pain!  I wanted to  put a few people’s minds to rest on the subject of metal-on-metal hips.

There’s been a lot of press lately, mostly bad, on hip implants.  The type that my surgeon uses, however, has an excellent track record. In fact, the wear studies show that even after 22 years, there was no detectable wear.  These studies weren’t cheap either @ $75k per year, so after 22 years, they had put over a million into the study and decided it was time to stop.  I am sure that my surgeon’s hands are guided by the hands of God, and together with  Biomet’s M2a-Magnum™ Hip, he preforms miracles that enable people to get back to an active lifestyle without pain or restriction.

I had my surgery done at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Los Angeles on September 7th.  Dr. McPherson had 5 surgeries that day – including mine – and he still came to see me that night.  The staff was amazing & everyone, including all my nurses – Sandra, Nick, Shayna & Merced, my physical therapist, Radnick (we just call him Rad!), Dr. Matias, my anesthesiologist, and my Occupational Therapist, Karah.  Here’s sending a HUGE thank you to all of you!!!

I’m home with my 6 week plan and looking forward to my first game of tennis in over 10 years!  Since I can’t drive for six weeks – anyone who wants to come to my house and learn what their antioxidant score is, come on over.  I have a BioPhotonic Scanner (just like the one Dr. Oz used on his May 17th show)

called “Cancer-Fighting Antioxidants.”  Come on over and get your score!

Need a hip, shoulder or knee?  These are the guys to see!  Dr. Edward McPherson & Carlos Vasquez, his #1



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