September 1st & it’s 6 days to go!

Today is September 1 and in six days, I’ll  be hopping on a plane to Los Angeles to get hip #2!  All systems are go – I’ve jumped through all the hoops (dental check-up ok, blood work ok, chest x-ray, ultra-sound . . . all A-OKAY.   I’ve signed all the forms – ones saying that if my surgeon is unavailable that NO ONE else is allowed to touch me; ones saying that if I should need blood, they are allowed to give me a transfusion (making sure I know the risks of hepatitis or HIV — miniscule but possible.  AND, I’ve been taking my LifePak Nano and drinking my G3 — and eating blueberries and nibbling on tomatoes and apples so that my antioxidant score will be as high as possible.  Did you know that recovery from surgery is better and faster if we have a HIGH score?  I didn’t know this until an incredibly compassionate doctor, Dr. Ben Gonzales, share this with me.  Thank you Ben!

So, here I am – 6 days out.  I have my work cut out for me, both physically, mentally and work-wise.  My business will grow exponentially over the next few years; I know this.  I have two years to find my house at the water’s edge.  I love knowing that I have a vehicle to get there – I will take as many with me as I can.

The ark is sitting at the shore and there is plenty of room aboard.  Who would like to go sailing with me?  How many companies tell you that they are developing a better compensation plan so that you can make more money – faster?  How many stand behind their partners 100%?  This morning, as I listened to our President, Scott Schwerdt, talk about the next 9 years, I got chills up the back of my neck.  Talk about hope for the future!

Six days and counting . . . come over and visit me, get your scan score done and find out where YOUR antioxidant level is!  Here’s to your health!  Be well.


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