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Dr. Oz Skin Carotenoid Score

Previous to the show Oz gave everyone the ultimate nutritional detector test that measures the Carotenoids in your skin which can help indicate the overall antioxidant health in your body. The machine is known as Bio-Photonic Scanner. It returns a Score known as Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS) that indicates how good your immune system is.

With the Carotenoid score you want to be in the blues, and most of the studio audience 40% were in the red and another 40% of the audience scored in the orange. Both are dangerously low levels of antioxidants in the body. There were only a couple in the green and blue of the Carotenoid Score Test.

Dr Oz did the Carotenoid Test and got 75,000, he top the chart, and said he got such a high score because he eats all the things we should be eating.

Dr. Oz says 2-3 servings a fruit and vegetables a day is not enough, we need 7-9 servings a day, the size of your fist.

When I first scanned, I had a score of only 17,000.  I took action to start eating more dark fruits and veggies, adding a delicious blend called “G3” juice to the mix and within 3 months, my score was 41,000.  It really raises your awareness level and gets you working to increase your score!



  1. What further study is needed to show that ARSENIC is a toxic poison which accumulates in the body damaging health and eventually killing the body? The long term health risk is death. Period death.

  2. Hi Debera, Our BioPhotonic Scanner can detect many things. One of the main reasons for this technology is to help people to learn about the safe supplements available to them – ones that are regulated as with pharmaceutical products. I can be reached at 916-342-5668 or carriesuepepper@gmail.com if you’re interested in learning more.

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