Countdown to a new hip — Day 37

I am counting down.  37 days until I begin life again with my 2nd total hip!  I look at the calendar and I imagine how it will be to have both sides even again, to stand before the mirror and not be crooked, to walk up a hill with both legs evenly and without pain instead of pulling myself up with my strong leg and helping the other one along.  To climb out of a car and not have to stand still for the first few seconds before I can start walking, to sleep on either side I want without pain and to pull on pants without having to lean against something for fear I’ll fall.


There are 37 days left of this.  And for these 37 days I will be grateful for these things:

— I have two legs that carry me

— I have pain that I can feel for there are those who have no legs and cannot feel anything

—  I am grateful that this pain is temporary and that I am healthy and strong

— I am grateful that I have the best surgeon, not only with his medical talents, but his personality and heart

— I am grateful that I was strong enough to make this decision and found a way to get insurance

— I am grateful to Anna for putting me in touch with her brother

— I am grateful beyond belief for Kevin for without him, there would be no new hip coming

— I am grateful for each moment and for each hour and each day that I am allowed to live in this beautiful world

—  I am grateful for our new little cat and his energy as he sleeps here at my feet

— I am grateful for life, for the cool breezes in July and for my new friend Susana who will be an amazing success in Nu  Skin.  I already see her as a leader in the Latino community

— I am grateful for my new friend, Cardte Hicks.  She is an inspiration and has tremendous gifts that will change the lives of kids – I want to get the word out about her programs and make her a CNN Hero!

I will be running on the beach by my birthday in January!  This will be so.  I can feel the wind in my face and no pain in my legs!



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