Two cats in the yard

Just about a month ago, this little guy appeared in a tree on our walk.  He was crying out in the loudest voice for a little creature you can imagine!  Once we managed to retrieve him (after he climbed up a branch and fell into the canal!) he came home to live with us. 

It’s been a lesson in patience to be sure – and a definite battle between him and my sweet white cat, Kibbie.  You see, she has been a family member for 15 years.

After the first week of hissing, growling and even wheezing (Kibbie) I thought maybe I needed to find him another home, but I thought, no, it’s a lesson.  I must learn patience and not give up on this tiny thing.  I can’t let him totally turn my life upside down.  So I hung in there.

It’s been about 5 weeks now.  They are still not buddies and Kibbie still hisses at him, but she doesn’t wheeze anymore.  I always thought of us as just a one-cat house, but maybe I was wrong.  I hear the song in my head, “our house is a very, very, very fine house with two cats in the yard . . .”


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