Money doesn’t grow on trees, it grows in the anti-aging market!

Looking for a job?  I was.  In fact, for over a year, I scoured the want ads and threw my resume out there in front of employers that scrutinized my background and skills.  I was asked demeaning questions such as, “have you ever been arrested for drugs?” or “would you be willing to work for 60 days on a trial basis without pay?”  I felt small and unimportant.  Then, I decided to go a different route and I found a business that I could do that would make me feel BIG and good.  I was nervous about working on commission, but when I thought about it, I realized that it would be a challenge and my true skills would be put to the test. 

Imagine if you worked for a company like Apple and every time they released brand new innovative products such as the iPhone or iPad, you were able to take those products to market – to as many markets as you chose to – and the harder you worked, the more money you could make!  No cap on your commission and no cap on your talents.

And, on top of that, people treated you good and decent.  They even encouraged you and rewarded you with bonuses and all-expense paid trips when you really did well . . . and get this, when you reach the top level of the company, and you are getting older, they don’t can you and go looking for a younger replacement – they DOUBLE your salary!

How’s that for a comeback?  I only hope that more people will see that the market is wide-open and come and take a big piece of the pie.  There is plenty for anyone who desires more in life and is willing to work for it.

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