Desire & Determination = A Life Worth Living

When I first became involved with Nu Skin Enterprises, one thing I heard over and over again was “the only person you need to recruit is yourself.”  What does this mean?  Basically, it means that I needed to have 100% faith that this company can and will enable anyone to achieve whatever they are looking for in life – provided they have the desire and the determination to seek it.  I heard it, yet it didn’t really resonate with me – until this past weekend at our world headquarter’s corporate training (Team Elite University.)
I figured I had already recruited myself – until I heard Wes Blatter say that until we really understand what this company is all about, we will be a little bit unsure, a little bit doubtful, even a little bit embarrassed about our role – and that this will cause us to avoid talking to the more successful people we know, the ones we really care about.  I didn’t think this applied to me but at that moment, I realized it did. 
I’ve listened to their stories and I’ve seen their successes.  They come from all over, from all backgrounds. 
There is the ex-football player from the Philadelphia Eagles.  He was raised and groomed to play football.  His father even insisted that they add protein powder to his baby formula – his life was planned out for him.  And, he made it to the pros.  “Every Tuesday, I picked up my check for $10,000.  Life was good.”  Several knee surgeries later they cancelled his contract.  Where does one go to make that kind of income again? 
There was the ex-Navy guy who had gone into pharmaceutical sales.  He’d done well, but found himself at age 50-something,  back in the game interviewing for yet another job.  He’d made the cut and they were to call him the next week – but no call came.  After 3 weeks passed, he called to inquire.  They’d hired someone from within, a younger person no doubt.  He finally had enough of the corporate run-around.  That was the final straw – he brings his business acumen and experience to Nu Skin and he will be far better for it as will those he introduces to the company. 
And I’ve seen my business partners, Ty and Scott, go from college kids @ 21 and 22 years old, now just 30-something with an income and lifestyle most would trade anything for. 
I’ve met doctors from all over – family practice, nutritionists, dentists, oncologists and chiropractors – who have found a way to help their patients become healthier and more resistant to disease through our Pharmanex line.  And not only that, they are finally able to start doing what they went to medical school for – change lives – not spend their time dealing with the red tape of insurance and dispensing drugs to treat ailments.  They have a vehicle now to prevent illness.  They are making a difference – and an income – doing the right thing.   
The stories kept coming and my belief grew with leaps and bounds.  I realized I had not seen the enormous opportunity right in front of me.  I had seen it but I had not grasped it.   I realize now that if anyone has the desire and the determination – and is willing to do the work – they can have anything they want out of life.  It is a way to give back; it is a way to grow from success to significance.
I am looking for those who want to join me in this cause. 
I believe with all my soul that this company can take us wherever we want to go.  It is my strongest desire to communicate this to others.  I invite you to come to our world headquarters in Provo soon and meet Wes and the others – if you have dreams, yet unfilled; if you long for a better life, and have the desire to live it, this company can be your vehicle and we are here to help you get there.  You owe it to yourself to find out if this is real.
Blessings for this day, 


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