Blogging for Og

Recently, I was honored to be invited to a year-long coaching session with Dave Blanchard.  Dave is the CEO of the Og Mandino Group and an incredible coach.  My first thought was that I needed to do this coaching session.  My next was that my budget didn’t allow for such extracurricular activities.  Well, I found a way to blog for Og!  By writing blogs for various websites — painfully racking up the dollars mind you at pennies per word — my tin cup is filling up!  Yes, pennies add up to dollars and dollars add up to amazing coaching sessions with Dave Blanchard! 

If you want to learn more about Dave and how you, too, can Begin a New Life through the teachings of Og Mandino and the life-long wisdom of Dave Blanchard, you can visit:

It’s a beautiful world and we can all begin a new life — if we choose to!


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