When it comes to your skin, who do you trust?


Last night, I met a woman – let’s call her Brenda.  Well, for a 61 year old woman, she looks amazing.  She’s fit and trim and keeps up on things like diet and exercise – and skin care.  Brenda has spent a lot of money on her skin.  She has had Botox; she’s had fillers; she has used hyaluronic acid (which took the skin off above her eyelid due to over-use.  She’s had some things go wrong and not produce the results she wanted.  She uses a little skin cleaning device called a “Clarisonic” machine which she said she loves.  Her esthetician recommended it. 

 I had talked to her about the incredible hand-held device I use, one that not only cleanses down below the dermis of the skin, but goes so much farther than that to reduce pore size, tighten and lift the skin, reduces line and wrinkles and oh, by the way, the technology in the gel actually stops the aging process at the cellular level.  (it can also be used to significantly reduce cellulite on the body).  She had been warned about this machine by her esthetician.  She was skeptical – and for good reason.  Brenda had spent a lot of money on her skin care and she had had some things go wrong.  Thank goodness nothing serious like a friend of mine who had a dermal filler and, during the process, the doctor hit a blood vessel beneath her eye!  For two or three days, she experienced blurry vision and her eyes acually “crossed.”  Thank God, this subsided.  Do you think she’s going back to having needles in her face for the sake of vanity?  Read on – she, too, uses our little “wrinkle iron.”

She agreed to a demonstration of the “wrinkle iron” I use and after a five minute half-face treatment she was begging me to do the other side!  I can feel it, she said, this side is totally lifted up, I can feel it! 

Yes, after just five minutes – not only was her face lifted, but it was plumped and glowing.  It just takes a demonstration to show the magic and the power of this technology.  I, for one, am thrilled to be partnered with a company that has the kind of innovative technology that can give people something that works, that’s not harmful, and that is good for their skin. 

In a world of hype and broken promises, it’s nice to know there are companies you can trust.


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