Molly the Miracle


Let’s say you’re engaged to someone with the last name of Askew and you hear a story about a little town called Askewville – it doesn’t sound real, does it?  But it gets even better.  Recently, in the little town of Askewville, North Carolina, a tornado hit and did quite a bit of damage.  But there was one story that just needs to be written; the story of Molly the donkey. 

Molly has been the star of the town’s Christmas pageant for years.  When the tornado swept through on Saturday night, people say they saw her lifted into the funnel cloud and disappear.  Can’t you just see a little graying donkey lifted straight up into a swirling black tornado?  Can you see it in vivid colors on the page of a child’s storybook? I can!  Well, that looked like the end of the line for poor Molly, but wait! 

On a calm Sunday morning after the storm, her owner, Jake, 75, a local Askewville resident, found her on her back in a ditch about 300 feet away.  Later that day, she was grazing happily amidst the rubble of several mobile homes which had been splintered by the tornado.  She was as happy as she could be, munching away in her pasture.  Happy as a little donkey on Christmas morning.


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