“If there is someone I can serve, put them in my path and I will serve them.”

I enjoy my blogging and I enjoy writing about things that interest me – it’s what I love most.  On St. Patty’s Day, just as I was cooking dinner (no, not corned beef & cabbage, but Newman’s plain cheese pizza), the phone rang.  “I need an emergency blogger,” said the caller.  What?  He explained that he had a web company that wrote blogs to promote other’s websites and had a project that had to be done right away – he said he’d pay me about $300. 

I asked if I could call him back after I’d gotten my pizza out of the oven.  I needed a couple minutes to think about this offer.  I got out my pizza wheel, and as I rolled it across my St. Patty’s dinner, I thought, why not?  I know how to write; I can spew out a few thousand words.   I called him back and said, send it over.

I retrieved the email later that night and my enthusiasm lessened a bit.  I was to write some 10,000 words on – get this – knives.  Now, I can write about knives, to a point, but how much can one say about knives?  As the deadline loomed in front of me, and my brain was squeezing out the last of its ideas on every kind of knife, cutlery set and knife hobby I could possibly imagine, and my shoulder felt like it was on fire from mousing, I thought, man, this is like a sweat shop; I’m being paid pennies to blog for someone else – to promote someone else’s site!  But, as I hit word count one last time and saw the number go over 10,000 words, I felt almost gleeful.  I was getting paid – yes, just pennies – but I was getting paid to put words down  words that would help someone’s business.  And I could do it without leaving my house, without putting gas at $4+ a gallon in my car, without asking anyone for anything.  All I had to do was turn on my brain and persevere – and keep putting down one word after another.  I was serving someone and, in return, I was using my craft and I was earning money to do it. 

So, if you, or someone you know, need an emergency blogger – or a non-emergency blogger, give me a call!  I am here to serve you.


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