Its’ Never the How; It’s the Why

I have always known that in achieving big goals, important milestones, that focusing on HOW I’d get there didn’t help move me toward that goal at all. All I had to know is that I would get there and why I wanted to do so – the how would take care of itself.  Lately, I let myself slip back a little and I started focusing on the how.  What good did that do?  None; in fact it just made me anxious and left me feeling a little uncertain.  Then, I remembered — the how isn’t always clear, in fact, it rarely is.  Just decide what you want and keep looking ahead – knowing you’ll get it and all kinds of “hows” will be revealed to you.  If you focus on the how, you may never arrive!

So, this morning, as I sat in our hot tub, sliding down further and further into the warmth against a blustery winter storm that pelted me with icy raindrops, I pondered how Nature deals with the how and the why of the seasons.  I watched the little lilac tree, its branches shiny with rain, buds waiting like tiny clenched fists for spring.  I imagined how ridiculous it was for it to think – with this cold winter storm and no sun, how will I be able to stand here in summer, offering my fragrant purple flowers to the day?  How is that going to happen?  And of course, it does happen, season upon season. 

I look up at the hundreds of seed pods swinging in the wind on the sycamore that spreads out across the fence from our neighbor’s yard, and I imagine the tree saying, where will all these seeds land?  Where will a tree be planted? How many will grow and survive?  The seeds will float on the wind and few will actually take root – some will end up in flower pots where they’ll be pulled up in annoyance; others will land on cement; and a few will land in fertile soil and grow tall and strong reaching their arms across clear blue skies.  Birds will come and sit among the branches and squirrels will romp and play. 

I hear the cranes overhead, heading north in a “V.”  Instinctively, they just head north and keep flying, knowing that they are on course toward their destination.  They do not question; they do not second guess their leader, they do not ask, how are we going to make this journey of thousands of miles?  How will we be strong enough?  How will we keep going mile after mile?  What if our wings get too tired and we cannot go on?  They just fly; they course correct from time to time, and keep heading north.  And that’s the way I want to be – steady on course without asking how – just knowing my purpose and my course.

First Spring , then summer, the soft air fluttering with big green leaves and scented with lilac blossoms and eggs laid in soft nests.  It is all done with purpose and belief and faith.


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