Death CrawlThere’s a popular YouTube video out there titled the Death Crawl about a high school football player who carries a teammate- on his back – down the field.  The first time I watched it, it made me cry; the second time, it made me cry – and today, I watched it again, and yep, tears were streaming down my cheeks about half-way through.  It conjures up all kinds of emotions for me. 

The first time I saw it was at a convention – up on a really BIG screen – with an audience of nearly a thousand others, all feeling similar emotions.  It was powerful.  The video, and the message, goes deep and touches chords and emotions that are very real.  I liken it to a bunch of electrical wires sheathed in their plastic covering, safe to the touch.  Strip off the plastic and those wires are now live like raw emotions out there for everyone to see.  Certain messages and people have the ability to strip those wires.  That is when we are the most alive – we’re live wires!  Our emotions are electric and volatile and lead us in the direction of our dreams.  We need to pay attention to those people and messages that can expose our soft (but passionate) underbellies. 

The message, for me, is this:  Do your best even when you don’t believe you can.  There is so much strength and drive inside you – it’s there and it is just waiting for a chance to be utilized in a situation where it can, and will, change your life. We need mentors and coaches.  We never know where they will come from or who they will be.  But they are put there to believe in us until we can believe.  And, that until we put ourselves to the test – go all out and give it the best we can muster, we will never know we can.  If we don’t test our limits, we’ll always be limited.  Not by our abilities, but by the doubtful thoughts in our heads. 

Watch the video.  Let it get inside you.  Write to me and tell me how it makes you feel.

 I believe in you.


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