Fun at Dave’s Pumpkin Patch

Have you ever seen a pig eat a pumpkin?  I have!  We made our way out to Dave’s Pumpkin Patch this past Sunday for a little good old country fun. 

We wandered through the corn maze, through hundreds of pumpkins of every size and shape, petted the little “Pony Pal” ponies and smelled some good smoky BBQ cooking on the grill.  But the best part was watching the pigs.  I’d never seen a pig eat a pumpkin but my oh my, were they being – well, little pigs!  There were two separate pens, one with little pigs and another with some pretty big hogs and each had their very own pumpkin.  The big guy was snout-deep in pumpkin and he wasn’t worried about making a mess of himself either!  The little ones were taking it a little slower, but even they were pretty ruthless as they pushed each other aside to shove their little snouts inside the big orange melon. 

It’s nice to know that the simple pleasures are still there for those who seek them out – the wind blew across acres of corn and pumpkins and ruffled the hair of kids and adults alike as we all took in the goodness of an early October afternoon here at Daves.

Pigs and pumpkins and ears of roasted corn.  What a delight!


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