On Path & On Purpose: The Eichler Network

This morning, while listening to our Millionaire Training Circle call, I had the utmost pleasure of listening to one of my most favorite authors, Kevin Hall.  Author of the bestselling “Aspire,” Kevin is a constant inspiration to me and so many others.  His heart is full and he gives without a second thought to himself.  Today,what I heard was this:  We are all destined to follow our own paths; if we listen to our hearts and believe in ourselves, the right thing will happen for us – our lives will be as they were designed to be. 

I have searched for the past two years for a challenging and upbeat source of income that would enable me to continue to write and to work part time on my other ventures.  I believe I have found such a position in the form of an independent contractor position with a very well known company called “The Eichler Network.” 

I have submitted a cover letter and my interest in this position and have put out into the universe a prayer and an affirmation that their need will be filled by my talents.  So, I release this energy now into cyberspace, across the airwaves and straight to the Eichler Network.

Thank you, God for it is done.


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