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Katy went to her doctor for dermal filler – just a small injection of Restylane beneath her eye.  It was a simple procedure.  Until the needle hit a blood vessel.  “Something went terribly wrong,” she said.  “My vision was crossed for two days.”  She waited in panic to find out – had she compromised her vision for the sake of vanity?  Luckily, the doctors were able to reverse the procedure and she regained her perfect vision.  But what if she hadn’t? 

Information is readily accessible via the Internet.  Descriptions say things such as: dermal fillers are minimally invasive and –generally – very safe.  Online data also says, experts agree that getting good results has more to do with the injection technique than the type of filler. It is critical to find a reputable, experienced specialist. 

Katy was one of the lucky ones – no harm done.  Afterward, a friend introduced her to a small, patented hand held device that tones and tightens the skin and allows products such as moisturizers and serums to be up to 80% more effective.  Why?  The galvanic current drives them deep into the dermis where they can do their job.  Now, Katy can minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, take care of that little depression under her eye and give herself a spa treatment at home and never have to worry about any devastating side effects.

Just recently, I heard about a man who had an open wound on his foot; doctors had tried everything and were at a loss.  A year went by without healing.  The doctors talked about amputation.  His daughter, now a distributor, started giving him the nano encapsulated supplement line and a powerful anti-oxidant juice.  This blend of Chinese lycium fruit, Siberian pineapple, and cili fruit work synergistically with gac fruit to support the body by exponentially benefiting strong vascular and cellular protection and rejuvenation throughout the body.  Soon, the foot started to heal.  The doctors were baffled and called to ask what they were giving him.  What if they hadn’t found these supplements?  Might he have lost his foot?
            Other stories pour in – kids are taken off asthma medication after introduction of the nano supplement line and kids vitamins.  Our bodies heal themselves when the necessary nutrition is introduced.  One woman had deep, painful fissures in her heels due to wearing sandals and very dry skin.  She started using a special foot therapy cream that contains crushed allspice to exfoliate calluses and dead cell buildup while moisturizing deeply, and also a papaya enzyme that breaks down and loosens thick, rough patches of dry, dead skin.  Within a short time, her heels were smooth and soft.

There is no lack of stories about products that heal and make a dramatic difference in people’s lives.  They are plentiful and they are real.  It’s about a return to youth, about products that help those of us who have started to lose a bit of our vitality to turn back the clock.  It’s also about giving people a second chance to dream and to give them the tools to run their own business.  Those who gravitate to this company come in all shapes and sizes from all professions.  Corporate attorneys and bankers, doctors and dentists, therapists and even officers who’ve served our country; the mix is rich.  This morning, I listened to a stay-at-home mother who said, “I love doing this business with my baby on my hip and being home at 3:20 when my daughter walks in from school.”  It’s about designing a business that fits one’s life, not giving up your life for business.

We have access to patented products that are guaranteed to slow – and even reverse – the aging process, to rejuvenate and brighten our skin.  They can also brighten our lives in a time when all of can use a little hope. 




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