Believe you can and you will!

When I stepped out into the morning at 5:20, a soft cool breeze greeted me as I stood on the flagstones in my nightgown.  It’s amazing that we’re having this coolness in mid July here in Sacramento.  The sky was just starting to brighten and birds sang in the branches and I remembered all those days that I had slept in past 7 – missing all this.  At 6, way up in the very top of our oak tree, I saw the golden light just starting.  Leaves brightened and birds began to gather in the uppermost branches to greet the morning.  Life beginning anew each day is such a glorious gift and I thank God for each day I have to live in this world and that I have challenges and struggles and a mind that can learn and grow and help me reach out to others with what I have learned. 

Right now, many people are scared; they are losing their jobs; they are losing wages that once put food on the table; that once paid for trips and extras they now have given up. There is an answer and it is real – but people need to hit bottom sometimes before they can see it.  They need to want something so badly that they are willing to listen to something that is different, to something that may feel wrong – but if they really want change and they want a way, and they want to walk down a path of freedom and never have to worry again, they will hear the message. 

I want to grab those I care about by the shoulders and look firmly into their eyes, I want to tell them this company coupled with hard work and diligence will set them free, that it is just a matter of learning to believe in themselves – really that’s what it comes down to.  If we believe in ourselves and know, deep down, that we deserve the best, that we deserve to be free, to be happy, to live our dreams.

I know that I want it, but there’s a little voice in there that still says, you don’t deserve to have all the glory life has to offer.  Who is that to tell me that I don’t deserve it?  Who is that?  It is a voice that is made up of all the negative people and evil and bad news that I’ve let seep into my head over the past 50 years – all those little voices that sneak in and latch on to our souls and tell us – how dare they – that we are not good enough.  Damn those little voices.  To hell with them!  We do deserve it and we can have it – and we will have it.  IF we continue to fight and to throw off all those thoughts – to replace them with good thoughts, to stuff our brains full of all the positive affirmations and readings and books and tapes and happy stuff we can find – reprogramming.  That is what it is.  And it’s not easy – but the best part is, anyone can do it.

If they want to.

 If they want their lives to change.

 If they want freedom.

 If they want to live the lives they dreamed of, but tucked away in a box.

Open the box.  Let the dreams out.  DREAM  BIG.  What are your dreams?  What kind of life do you want?  Are you willing to fight for it?  Are you willing to stand up and say: I DESERVE THE BEST!?  I say, let’s get going and let’s do it together.

Time’s a wasting – and our lives are passing us by.   Grab hold and let’s go to the top of the mountain – up there, there is cleaner air and brighter, warmer sunlight.  Up there, there is the best food to eat and there are no nagging voices.  Up there, we can shed our old lives and throw them over the cliff – we can be who we were born to be. Perfect and exquisite beings.


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