Awaken with Song


His song was pure and clear, awakening me at 5:00 am sharp.  Getting up and going early has never been one of the easiest things for me.  I am grateful when I awaken because I know that many do not get the chance, but the soft warmth of a feather bed is a tough thing to leave behind.  But today, when I heard that little robin out there in our backyard, singing his heart out, I was instantly awake and joyful to greet the new day.  I lay there in the early shadows listening to his song, to the purity of the notes, imagining the first rays of morning sun striking his reddish breast as he perched high in the branches of our oak tree.  A smile came to me, and stayed with me, as his song filled my heart.  How wonderful to awaken and greet the day with song – every day of your life.  Soon, a soft woven nest will hold two or three pale blue eggs.  I will pray they hatch; I will pray the baby birds will grow and make it to adulthood, and I will await their first song with anticipation for I know it is indeed one of God’s finest gifts.


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