Be in Harmony with your Garden

This tree is becoming a nuisance, he said.  He’d been doing our lawn maintenance work for nearly two years; he’d done a good job; overall we were pleased with his work.  He came and went quickly – “blow and go” they call it now. 

The economy slowed and he lost some clients, but we kept him on.  We liked having a “lawn guy” and it was nice to look out every Monday on a nicely cut lawn, see all the stones clear of debris, knowing that someone else was showing up to take care of things.  He spoke English; we could communicate.  We liked the pre-addressed billing envelopes. 

Then, little things started to bother us.  I trimmed up my geraniums one evening and left the remnants on the sidewalk.  Yes, I should have disposed of them, but hey, our lawn guy was coming the next morning.  But, after he’d gone, I walked out to find the trimmings right where I’d left them – he blew right around them.  Another day, we noticed he’d cut in too far along the front edge of our pretty green lawn, making a brown edge.  It’s easier to use a weed eater than a real edger.  It’s faster – more lawns in less time.  But we went along for two years and even on the Mondays that were holidays – and it seems most of them were – when he didn’t come; we still wrote out his check. 

Then, he said the words – this tree is becoming a nuisance.  He wanted us to trim it up. He had to bend over farther than he cared to mow beneath our lovely Linden tree.  This tree had become the most perfect of trees over the four years we’d been tending it.  Its symmetrical shape and fullness graced our front lawn with beauty.  An arborist told us it was the prettiest one she’d seen and came to photographs of our Linden tree! And now, it was becoming a nuisance?  That was the day. 

I so wanted to rush out and say, YOU are becoming a nuisance, but I didn’t.  I just waited.  I put thought into my decision; I pondered the good and the bad – did we really need a lawn guy?  We started looking in the ads and online for lawn mowers.  Mowing your own lawn can be gratifying; it doesn’t take that long.  Still, it’s sure nice to look out and see it all done; all trimmed up and cleaned up while you’re sitting in your office taking care of business.  We hadn’t decided.  Then, the little green scroll appeared on our sidewalk, wrapped neatly in plastic.  YARD WORK.  We’d gotten these before – tossed onto our driveway, always someone promoting another maintenance service.  But this one stood out.

Save Your Expensive Time, Have Best Luck and Happiness

Be in Harmony with Your Garden

 In the translation between English and Vietnamese, the words were so charming – and it struck a chord – it read: We do “Completely” Care.  Yes, that what had been missing all along  – someone who cared.  Mr. Tran’s little green scroll landed in our driveway and that was just what I needed to make the decision.  I haven’t called him for his “free estimate” but I have definitely decided that our Linden tree is remaining exactly as is – no branches will be “trimmed up” because someone who obviously does not care can race beneath with his mower, in a hurry to get it done so he can blow and go onto the next job.


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